10 Part Time Work From Home Opportunities For Moms

Being able to work from home has become fairly common.  But finding part time work from home opportunites that let you make a decent income .…well, that’s a little bit more difficult.

As a busy mother, our time is valuable. We want to spend quality time with our children while still being able to contribute to the household budget.

The GOOD news is, there are tons of LEGITIMATE work from home opportunities. You just need to find the one that will create the income you want and falls in line with your interest and talents.

Top 10 Part Time Work From Home Opportunities

part time work from home opportunity: weekly yard sales! This business can be run on a small scale with the traditional yard sale. Or grow it using online stores like ebay and amazon. Obtain more products by offering to sell things for other people and keep part of the profit.

1. GARAGE SALE / Yard Sale / Consigment Shop / Ebay .

This is a true part time work from home opportunity!  Usually, you just have to invest 1 Saturday a week if you choose to run a “traditional” yard sale.

Look around your home. Your baby’s old stroller and clothes, unused kitchen utensils, house decorations and ornaments that have been kept in the storage room for ages. As long as they are in good condition and someone else can use them, they are items that can be sold for extra money!

Remember that every extra penny earned can go a long way towards paying down debt or can be added to the family budget.

You can make some extra money, by talking with your friends and neighbors.  You can sell their stuff too for a part of the profits.  Think about how many of your friends have garages they can’t even put their cars in anymore, but have no time sell these items themselves.

Also, don’t limit yourself to just yardsales.  You can post these items for sale on ebay, craigslist and numerous other places!  In my hometown, they used to have community yard sales.  This is another great opportunity for you to get your items out in front of potential customers.


part time work from home opportunity: If you are creative. Try selling your crafts! Sites like etsy can make this a very profitable business.

2. SELL GOODS and CRAFTS. If you are a creative and artsy mom, this is a go for you. But if not, don’t worry as there are a lot of online courses and video tutorials on how to bake and cook a variety of goods, create crafts like Do-It-Yourself jewelry, home decor, picture frames, bath bombs, soaps, organic shampoo, etc. There are infinite possibilities! You just have to do your research and find something you enjoy doing!


3. BE A DIRECT SELLER. Direct Selling is a method of selling products directly to your consumers in a non-retail environment. Direct sales can fall under many different categories and names. Some of them pay a commission for the sale of their product only.

While some of them allow you to recruit others to be a part of your “team”. This sort of direct sales opportunity can also be called a network marketing opportunity or a multi-level- marketing opportunity because you make money on several different “levels”.

There are many ways  you can make money working part time from home using the direct sales model: 

Direct sales has evolved a lot with the use of the internet. No longer do you have to go door to door or set appoints and put on demonstrations. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Yes, you can use the internet to sell your products. But one main characteristic of SUCCESSFUL direct salespeople is that they are social! They love their products and share information about these products whenever it’s appropriate.

But just because the internet has made direct sales easier, some of the old tried but true ways of selling a product still work well. For instance, Party Planning, done in a group setting, products are usually presented in different locations by the representatives or distributors.

This is still a very popular way to SUCCESSFULLY sell a direct sales product AND even better, you can have them in your own home or it’s a great reason to get out of the house and mingle with some adults for an evening while having fun and making money.

But be careful with direct sales.  It’s not for everyone.  If you are not comfortable talking to people, you won’t be successful.  You also have to be self-motivated.  Even if you have a “Rockstar” upline, that doesn’t mean a thing if you are not sharing your opportunity.

It’s not just a numbers game.  I’ve found that successful networker markets share these characteristics:

  1. They are social people!  They may not be the life of the party, but they do know how to chat with strangers.
  2. They love their product.  They use their product or service.  And truly believe their product can solve a problem.
  3. They speak with at least 10 people per day about their opportunity.  Not just email them, but really talk to someone about it.
  4. They attend company sponsored events and keep up to date on the trends.

part time work from home - Dropshipping has almost $0 startup cost and is one of the few business opportunities that I have found that can actually replace a full time income. We use a service that has complied a list of over 80,000 dropshippers. You contact these dropship companies, get their catalog or download images from their site and resell them! click here for more info!

4. Understand and enter the world of Dropshipping. If you don’t have a lot of money to buy into an opportunity or need a business you can start with almost no money.

You should do some research on dropshipping.  Dropshipping does not require you to invest a lot of money to start with. But…how?

With dropshipping you don’t need to carry any inventory. You first have to find a legitimate dropshipping manufacturer. Most of these companies don’t charge a fee for you to remarket their products.

dropshippingYou then set up your online store using images from your dropshipping companies catalog. But on your site, you INCREASE the cost of the item.

How dropshipping works: 

You set up an online jewelry store.

The dropshipping company is selling the necklace to you for $15. You put it on your site for $25 + shipping & handling.

When you sell it on your site you send the dropshipping company the $15+s/h. They will ship the item directly to your customer using YOUR business name! You keep the $10.

You can set up your online store easily using WordPress with the woo-commerce plugin, or set yourself up on established sites like Amazon, eBay or on Shopify.

part time work from home opportunity: Blogging! Many people make a nice side income as a blogger. You can blog about anything! As long as you make it interesting or at least informative enough to make people keep coming back to your site.

5. Be a blogger mom. Imagine being able to create a part time work from home income by sharing your knowledge and experiences.   Well, don’t just imagine. You should do it!

You can check some free blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and a lot more. Take note that some might require you to spend a FEW dollars to make use of them.

These places are good, if you want to “test” the waters and you are on a very limited budget.  But if you have $25 to start.  Here is what I suggest.

  • Buy your domain name – you can go with your name or you can choose something (should be around $10 or less to register your own domain name)
  • Get hosting – We use Siteground.  They are one of the best on the market!  I like them because their support is very responsive and they actively scan their network for sites that have been hacked.  We used to be on hostgator and got infected by our “neighbors” several times. I like how proactive Siteground is and they only charge $3.95 a month!
  • Install wordpress on your hosting account.  On Siteground its called 1 click install. So with 1 click you will have wordpress installed.  No coding required!
  • Happy blogging!

6. Be a tutor / mentor . Are you a Math wizard? Do you speak several languages? Are you good at history? There will always be a market for tutors.

You can help children who are having trouble in school, college students facing hard exams or even adults who want to re-enter the workforce. Becoming a tutor not only allows you to put your talents to good use, but you can make an EXCELLENT supplemental income!

Also, don’t limit yourself!  Perhaps you have run a successful business.  I know a woman who has run a successful daycare for 25 years.  She charges a flat fee of $1000 to show other people how to set up their own profitable daycare.  She walks them thru working with government agencies and becoming state compliant.

If you have knowledge that can help someone, get paid for it!

7. Get paid by taking online surveys.  This is a true part time work from home opportunity that doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.

You would just have to fill out surveys online.

If you have a few hours a week, you can make a little extra money with these surveys and offers!

8. Get paid by giving reviews. Your opinions matters and there are sites ready to pay you for it! If you have a “way with words”, good English grammar and can write in an “engaging” manner. Then you should check out these sites that pay reviews as Software Judge, FameBit, Crowdtap and more.

part time work from home - if you like taking pictures this business opportunity is for you! There are sites online that will pay you for your pictures!

9. Turn your photographs into cash. Make extra cash by selling your photos online.  Check out these photo-buying sites: Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia, Getty Images.

10. Click Ads. You can use your phone or your personal computer, and get paid to click Ads. It usually just takes 6 seconds of your time to click or view an Ad. Some of the trusted Paid-to-Click (PTC) websites are NeoBux, and PrizeRebel.

These are just  10 part time work from home jobs you can do to make some extra money.  Although these seem easy, they require some effort on your part.

So whether you are looking just to make a few extra dollars a month or looking to replace an income, you can do it! But you need to treat any opportunity you decide to work on seriously. After all, most of us decided to do this not just to make extra money. But so we can spend improve our families way of life.


10 part time work from home opportunities a busy mom can use to make some extra spending money. Some of these opportunities can actually replace a full time jobs income!



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