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What Is an Unsecured Personal Loan All About?


Unsecured personal loans are credit programs which do not come with down-payment or collateral requirements. This means you don't have to be a home- or car owner to qualify for these loans. In fact, you can look forward to receiving the funds you need, as long as you can meet the eligibility requirements imposed by your target lenders.

You can use the proceeds of your unsecured personal loan for a variety of purposes, such as for consolidating your credit card debt, for financing your family vacation, for covering your medical bills, etc. So check out the unsecured personal loan programs below!.

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Personal Loans

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Working Capital Loans For Business

Kabbage Working Capital

  • Makes Growing Your Business Easier!
  • Fast Flexible Funding At Your Fingertips
  • Money When You Need It For What You Need
  • We Understand Your Business
  • Safe & Secure Funds
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Pointers for Unsecured Personal Loan Applicants

  • There are many lending companies that offer unsecured loans so it’s important to spend time comparing deals. So, to improve your chances of finding one that will match your needs and financial capability, you should take the time to compare the features of the credit programs offered in the market.

  • When comparing credit deals, you should pay close attention to the rates of interest, payment terms and options, loanable amounts and application requirements imposed on various programs. In so doing, you will most likely end up with an unsecured personal loan that will work to your advantage.

  • Take the time to review the fine print of your credit program. That way, you can still catch hidden fees and charges that might be imposed on your loan, before signing your contract.

  • It would be wise for you to choose a repayment term that will match your preferences and budget. By doing so, you can easily keep up with your monthly dues, for the whole duration of your loan.

  • Draw up a debt repayment strategy, as soon as possible. This might involve changing your spending habits as well as your lifestyle just so you can set aside enough funds to settle your monthly financial obligations.

  • Spend the proceeds of your unsecured personal loan responsibly. In case there will be extra funds left, it is highly-recommended that you use it to bring down the principal amount you borrowed. Better yet, you can set it aside to cover your repayments for the first two to three months.

  • Before signing up for a personal loan, we advise you to take the time to run background checks on your target lenders. That way, you can improve your chances of dealing ONLY with credible and legitimate firms.

  • Be sure to choose a lender that will submit reports of your payment activities to the three major credit bureaus. Keep in mind that responsible payment habits can help you build and maintain a solid credit profile.


Bad credit personal loans are credit programs specifically-designed for consumers with fair or poor credit standing. Despite the huge risks involved in extending these loans, a lot of lending firms today have created special provisions to meet the great demand for these unsecured loans. To learn more about them, please click this link.

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NHBS Inc has been helping small business obtain secured forms of financing since 1999. We offer specialized equipment leasing programs for start up businesses and businesses facing credit challenges.
  • Equipment Leasing Programs
    We provided equipment leasing in the USA only. Minimum lease amount of $5,000. We do most types of equipment and provide programs to equipment sales people to help them provide financing for their customers [more]
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    This program requires no time in business. Must types of equipment funded. No vending routes or ATM routes. Minimum lease amount is $5,000. Homebased business o.k. [more]
  • Bad Credit Equipment Leasing
    This program is for people with PAST credit problems. If you are currently going thru problems or your bankruptcy is less than 3 years old. This program is not for you. Must have started to re-establish credit. Minumum lease amount of $5,000. [more]
  • Secured Business Loans
    These programs are secured by some sort of collateral. It can be already owned equipment, a companies accounts recievables, or even their monthly merchant account. Most of these DO NOT require the business owner to have good credit. Since the loan is secured, bad credit can be approved. [more]