Equipment / Software Leasing Programs - Business Leasing ONLY - Available Nationwide

Vendors we help you close more sales! We have several innovative equipment leasing programs that allow us to create a vendor program to suit your needs. We have very few equipment restrictions and can finance businesses with A - C credit. Our minimum lease amount is $5,000

We can provide:

  • 100% financing for all equipment (including 100% shipping and installation)
  • 100% Software Financing
  • Financing available Nationwide
  • Start Up Business Program
    No time in business required!

Very competitive rates!

How To Submit An Application To Us

Please have your clients fill out our lease application form, and fax it back to us at (702) 979-1288.

Click Here if you would like a vendor package sent to you.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 1-888-778-5677 between the hours of 8-4 PST


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About Us

NHBS Inc has been helping small business obtain secured forms of financing since 1999. We offer specialized equipment leasing programs for start up businesses and businesses facing credit challenges.
  • Equipment Leasing Programs
    We provided equipment leasing in the USA only. Minimum lease amount of $5,000. We do most types of equipment and provide programs to equipment sales people to help them provide financing for their customers [more]
  • New Business Equipment Leasing (Start up Businesses)
    This program requires no time in business. Must types of equipment funded. No vending routes or ATM routes. Minimum lease amount is $5,000. Homebased business o.k. [more]
  • Bad Credit Equipment Leasing
    This program is for people with PAST credit problems. If you are currently going thru problems or your bankruptcy is less than 3 years old. This program is not for you. Must have started to re-establish credit. Minumum lease amount of $5,000. [more]
  • Secured Business Loans
    These programs are secured by some sort of collateral. It can be already owned equipment, a companies accounts recievables, or even their monthly merchant account. Most of these DO NOT require the business owner to have good credit. Since the loan is secured, bad credit can be approved. [more]