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Online Business Opportunities

Here you will find free and nearly free (under $500 to start ) business opportunities. You have to be very careful in what opportunities you join and have realistic expectations. The opportunities on this page are legitimate opportunities that I have purchased, used some of their teachings, or had friends & family involved in. All of these programs can be run online. If you need help understanding internet marketing we found a nice site with lots of free articles here Internet Marketing Students

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Low Cost and Free Business OpportunitieS

We are currently looking for credit repair consultants!

No experience necessary. Sign people up for our low cost credit repair services and make BIG $$$$. Can work FT or PT. Residual income! Must be in the US and over 18. Fill out the form below and one of our consultants will contact you!


Make Money On

Learn from a fiverr top rated seller how he makes $4000 a month on fiverr!  I've used fiverr for over 2 years.  I know that i have some sellers I buy from over and over again.  I don't know if they are making $4000 a month, but I know I'm spending several $100s of dollars a month! Click here to get started with Making money on

Become a part of the medical transportation industry

Recently I meet a woman in Houston Tx that was running a similar business to this. They ran several vans transporting elderly patients to appointments (that was her niche). This ebook goes over the ins and outs of how you too can get into this ever expanding industry. Click here to learn more about becoming a part of the medical transportation industry

Foreclosure Cleanups

My dad is a professional home flipper. He buys properties at auction and from homeowners who want out quick. Once he purchases the property, the first thing he does is call his cleaning service. This is a profitable business. It has great potential for reoccurring revenue if you target the right market. My dad has been using the same company for 2.5 years. He had another company before that but just like in any business, if you start to slack off, your clients will find another company to service their needs. Click here to learn more about starting a cleaning service for foreclosures

How to start a profitable office cleaning business

Janitorial work may not be glamorous but it makes $$$ consistently IF you get the right contracts. When i was younger my mom ran a profitable franchise cleaning company. They helped her get contracts with daycares, offices and banks. But they don't' do that for free! Learning how to find your own profitable contracts is the key to running this business. Click Here to learn more about starting your own profitable office cleaning business


Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

Learn how to start your own dropshipping business. Here you will find wholesale suppliers, dropshippers, and information on how to start your own business.


Internet Marketing Center

If you are new to internet marketing then you really should not only look at reselling IMC products, but buying them yourself! Here is a young man that is making MILLIONS on the internet and showing regular people how they can start their own business online. His website is professional, easy to navigate and informative. He also gives you great articles, banners, and creatives to help you make the sale. 2-Tier Program


Site Build It

This company has been around for a very long time! If you don't know anything about building a site, finding a niche, or marketing your site then this is the program for you! They will provide you with hosting, research tools to find a niche, and lots of support! This is one of my favorite companies to refer to my relatives that want to start theor own online business. This is a 2 tier program so you can not only build a profitable online business using site build it but you can also refer others to the program. You will see that there are LOTS of people making money online using this program and you will be very happy to refer your friends, family and website visitors to this program.



  • Equipment Leasing For Businesses [more]

  • Working Capital For Businesses [more]

  • Consumer Credit Cards [more]

  • Consumer Loans [more]

About Us

NHBS Inc has been helping small business obtain secured forms of financing since 1999. We offer specialized equipment leasing programs for start up businesses and businesses facing credit challenges.
  • Equipment Leasing Programs
    We provided equipment leasing in the USA only. Minimum lease amount of $5,000. We do most types of equipment and provide programs to equipment sales people to help them provide financing for their customers [more]
  • New Business Equipment Leasing (Start up Businesses)
    This program requires no time in business. Must types of equipment funded. No vending routes or ATM routes. Minimum lease amount is $5,000. Homebased business o.k. [more]
  • Bad Credit Equipment Leasing
    This program is for people with PAST credit problems. If you are currently going thru problems or your bankruptcy is less than 3 years old. This program is not for you. Must have started to re-establish credit. Minumum lease amount of $5,000. [more]
  • Secured Business Loans
    These programs are secured by some sort of collateral. It can be already owned equipment, a companies accounts recievables, or even their monthly merchant account. Most of these DO NOT require the business owner to have good credit. Since the loan is secured, bad credit can be approved. [more]